Escribo como loco.. Post Creativo.

Soy una persona artística, así que comparto algunos fragmentos de algunas canciones que he compuesto...

"Fall and Winter"

The summer breeze is gone
the leaves on trees fall and fall
the color changes...
another ending
Call it autumn
a new beginning a new game
When the sun's gone
the fall's up
everything changes so fast
then the snow comes
cold but cool
i need something to rise
i need my fall and winter song.

"The Chronicles of Me"

I tried my best
wasn't enough
i tought i could
pick up the pieces of a broken heart
The best days are yet to come
it's gonna take some time, i know
but i also know that i can
i can become whole again
Some days are better
but some are just too much
i can't let it overcome me
love songs are making me sick
sad songs, i can't take them
but i like everything in between
ups and downs
in the chronicles of me.

"John Louie"

he's the one that my
friend's crazy about
but she won't talk about it
She don't see him often
he won't talk to her
but they don't have good reasons
they're just scared
Everyone can notice
she can be with him
and he also likes her
we all know that
So don't play hard to get
don't give up
'cause i can tell
that even though the girl plays mad
John Louie isn't that hard

Ahí están tres fragmentos de tres canciones en las que estoy trabajando, hay más, pero para empezar están bien esas. Qué tal? Componer música es bueno para combatir la fritez.

Además estoy tomando un descanso para pensar en los siguientes capítulos de una novela que estoy escribiendo. Se llama "Alice" y en un futuro, posteare un capítulo o algo así.

Igual no abandono mis raíces, así que mando un cálido saludo a Hannah Montana, pues su película se estrenó ayer en USA. Y también quiero confesar que amo a los gatos persa! Son malvados!

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